Coorporate Social Responsibility

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Social Commitment :

As a good corporate citizen, the company sees corporate social responsibility, as an important part of its strategy and integral to its operation. This is evident from the groups mission, which sees of profit, people and planet as inter linked. Our business orientation not only looks at the short term profit element but takes into account other stake holders and their long term interest.
Our emphasis is on developing the communities that live around the company plantation. The company also planes the utmost importance in informing to all legal regulation in carrying out is operation and to ensure that the environment is protected.









Education :
Scholarship, teacher honorarium, building school and supplying, laboratory equipment are all of our contribution to words lifting the standard of Indonesian education
Economic Development :
We help improve the income of the communities that live around our estates through partnership program such as inti plasma agronomy



Healt Care :
We provide direct healt services to local communities through our local Hospital and Clinic



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Hutahaean Group  is one of the most experienced and established upstream oil palm plantation company in Riau Province . We have over 30  years of plantations industry experience and oil palm plantation estate management experience.

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